NEW!!! La Loteria Mexican Restaurant Opens Big in West Village


It’s winter it’s cold and it’s Thursday.  I exit the taxi on the corner of 7th Ave South and Bedford Street in Manhattan’s uber chic West Village community.  Tonight I’m attending the soft launch opening event, to where promises to be a leader in fine modern Mexican cuisine. I give you… La Loteria Mexican Restaurant.  Named after a traditional Mexican board game of chance similar to bingo, which translates in English to “The lottery”; the restaurant sits magnificently on the corner and boasts crystal clear floor to ceiling window panes.  Once inside what appeared to be an already jumping party,  I immediately squeezed over to the now crowded bar area.  They had a three hour open bar that was ending at eight and it was 7:20pm at that moment.  I got my first glass of sangria in what must’ve been a goblet of sorts, the drink was massive! and at first sip mind blowing good too. While drinking to get the fruits at the bottom of my glass, I began to really get into the details around the open floor setting.  The thing that first captivated me was how all white wall interior allowed the space to appear much grander and just as much in opulence.  The centerpiece wall was adorned with three skulls that surprisingly added intrigue and edgyness to the space as supposed to a scare.  The shelves part facing the dinning area and the other half a glance from the bar; had books on fabulous Mexican recipes from how to make a chalupa to the right amount of Don Julio to make you wanna tango after your favorite flavor Martini.  The place had been tastefully decorated with abstract wall paintings and dimly lit candles and the music gracefully playing. The ambiance was set and I was off to my second drink. I had sampled the food prior to the opening event, so I had in advanced knowledge on how good it was.  It was great however to see that everyone else in the room shared in my enthusiasm for clean tasting, zesty Mexican food.   “ Now thats a Margarita!” I told the cute bartender and I wasn’t lying, it was simply amazing.  I guess the best tequila does come from Mexico ! Spread the word and check them out! and be sure to constantly check the restaurant tab for new and old greats in Manhattan.

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